Probes for Electronic Textiles

Overview of existing (multimeter) probes and how the connect to textile materials. Often, they are less then ideal to establish a reliable connection without harming the fiber structure of the textile.

Extending the research and experimentation on tools.

Multimeter Textile Crocodile Clip

crocodile clip crocodile clip Clip Crocodile Clip

Sketches and prototypes towards more suitable probes to connect between a multimeter and electronic textile projects:

Needle Pin Probe Flat CrocodileFInger Probe

Finger Probe (Mika Satomi) Finger Probe (Mika Satomi) Finger Probe (Mika Satomi) Flat Crocodile

Sketches and prototypes translating the functionality of the often used crocodile clips to a form more suitable for electronic textile creation:

Textile Crocodile Clip Textile Crocodile Clip Textile Crocodile Clip Textile Crocodile Clip

eTextile Tester, extracting one of the most used functions of a multimeter in eTextile projekts: to test continuity. Translating this function into a lightweight tool that can easily be carried around and connected to textiles. Switching between different probes allows the same tool to be used as continuity tester or 3V power supply.

Version 1
eTextile Tester

Version 2
eTextile Tool eTextile Tool

Version 3
eTextile Tester close-up
eTextile Tester 3V eTextile Tester continuity eTextile Tester continuity

Use Cases
Use Cases - eTextile Tool
eTextile Tester eTextile Tester AND gate
neodym magnets
eTextile Tester magnetic closure eTextile Tester
eTextile Tester
eTextile Tester

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