Research Tracks

The research consists of four parallel tracks of investigation, namely, experimentation, theoretical study, speculation, and reflection and dissemination. Each research track follows distinct research questions but is carried out simultaneously in interaction with one another.


A technological investigation into using textile production techniques, particularly knitting, weaving and embroidery, to produce passive electronic components


A theoretical research track for gaining richer insights into the transdisciplinary issues of the project, and feeding the other research tracks with the necessary theoretical awareness


An aesthetic investigation into envisioning and prototyping speculative objects and installations, and discovering new forms of artistic expression those manifest the research in embodied ways, iteratively working towards more expressive and provocative prototypes


A research track that consists of sturdy documentation, exposition and critical reflection activities towards enhancing our understanding of our own practice within a larger field of contemporary mode of artistic production

Research Phases

The project is divided into four consequent research phases: crafting realities, macro-electronics, counterfactual futures part 1 and part 2. The four tracks of investigation continue in each research phase, however, at different intensities.

SET-UP | 2 Months, May – June 2014

PHASE 1: Crafting Realities | 6 Months, July – December 2014

PHASE 2: Macro-Electronics | 6 Months, January – June 2015

PHASE 3: Counterfactual Futures – I | 6 Months, July – December 2015

PHASE 4: Counterfactual Futures – II | 6 Months, January – June 2016

WRAP-UP | 4 Months, July – October 2016