Studying Tools and Workspaces

As preparation for the TOOLS WE WANT project developed in collaboration with Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi, we started visiting workspaces of experts from diverse disciplines. During these visits our host experts kindly shared insights into their practices and the ways they use their specialized tools.

Microbiology / Lisa Kappel

Lisa Kappel is affiliated with the Seidl Project Group led by Verena Seidl-Seiboth under the working group Molecular Biotechnology at the Vienna University of Technology.

Lisa's Lab Overview
Lisa's Lab Selected Tools Lisa's Lab Lisa's Lab Lisa's Lab
Lisa's Lab Lisa's Lab Lisa's Lab Lisa's Lab

Shoe Making / rosa mosa

rosa mosa is a footwear label established by Simone Springer and Yuji Mizobuchi, sourcing primarily from local suppliers and artisans in Austria.

rosa mosa
rosa mosa rosa mosa rosamosa_05_tools_w rosa mosa
rosa mosa rosa mosa rosa mosa rosa mosa


Collectible Hand Tools by Dominique Pascal

Pascal, Dominique. Collectible Hand Tools. Paris: Flammarion, 2004

2014_11_18_tools_research_photo 1_w 2014_11_18_tools_research_photo 2_w hand tools hand tools hand tools

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