Excursion: Sadberk Hanım Museum

From the Sadberk Hanım Museum website:

“In the second floor of the Turkish-Islamic section, outstanding examples of Ottoman weaving, embroidery and a rich collection of Ottoman women’s costumes are featured. Amongst the collection, dresses with three panelled skirt have been indispensable for centuries. The skirt of these dresses consists of two front and one back pieces and have two deepslits on the both sides. These dresses usually were made of brocade or fabrics called sevai and selimiye.

Worn for special occasions like henna nights or weddings, ‘Bindallı’ dresses are heavily embroidered velvet costumes using gold or silver colored metal thread. In the museum, there are also costumes cut in the European manner dating back to the beginning of the 20th century influenced by French style.” 

Sadberk Hanım MuseumSadberk Hanım Museum Ottoman Embroidery

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