Bobbin Lace Making

Bobbin-lace making started in the 16th century in Italy. Back then the lace was made with gold and silver-wrapped threads or colored silks and linen threads to create rich and extravagant designs. Inspired by the historical lace making, this sample explores the possibilities of using this old technique today to create contemporary designs. Additionally to pure visual pleasure this sample is functional for e-textiles use, e.g. for electrical circuits. The design can be developed and used as conductor or as a sensor.
Workshop led by Barbro Scholz at eTextile Summercamp 20152015_07_30_Summercamp2015_DSC01967_w2015_07_30_Summercamp2015_DSC01970_w

Bobbin Lace Making Bobbin Lace Making Bobbin Lace Making Bobbin Lace Making

Bobbin Lace Making

2015_07_30_Summercamp2015_photo 3_w

External Expert:
Barbro Scholz
Sophie Fürnkranz


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