Exhibition: LABORO ERGO SUM at amber’15, November 6 2015 – November 15 2016, Istanbul (TR)

A new piece from the ongoing series Crafted Logic will be produced and exhibited during the amber’15 festival.

From the festival statement:

“When we talk about how the digital revolution has increasingly turned our lives around in the last three decades, we fix our gaze on the center stage and focus on the results. Our ways of doing things, from health to security, from education to entertainment have changed. This has made our life easier as much as it has caused complications. Nevertheless, a world where everyone is reachable anytime is a world much different from before, though we may admire it, get mad at it or fear it.

We have ignored the labor behind all this change and how the labor that creates the digital revolution is organized. We have disregarded the ways in which the digital revolution has transformed labor from mines to assembly lines, from homes to offices. Now that our initial fascination has ceded, the digital and the digitally transformed have made it to our daily routines. To better understand this revolution we’d like to look into its relation with labor and contextualize it beyond what is immediately visible in terms of change.

The theme of amber’15 is work and labor. Has digitalization devalued or cheapened labor? How has the relation between labor and capital changed? How widespread is insecurity with regards to work, how has unpaid labor increased? In what way has the relation between work and labor evolved? From white collar to youth who use digital tools, how has people’s attitude toward their own labor changed? Can we talk about robotic or cyborg labor? What’s the role of digital technologies in the growing unemployment, poverty and deepening class-wage gap? Have digital technologies honed the existing antagonisms? Is the reappearance of Marx’ theory of value in contemporary thought-scape an indication of a lack of change in terms of labor and exploitation?”

Our work is presented as part of the Laboro Ergo Sum Exhibition at SantralIstanbul
Curator: Ekmel Ertan

amber'15amber'15 - Crafted Logicamber'15 - Crafted Logicamber'15 - Crafted Logic vitrine
amber'15 - Crafted Logic

Video: Sıla Ünlü
Workshop participants: Şehnaz Akışık,Kerime Koşar, Hülya Öğreten, Sebahat Sönmez, Belgin Taner, Meral Tınmaz, Sevil Yüksel

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