Exhibition: CONTEMPORARY CODE at City University of Hong Kong, October 29 – November 22 2015, Hong Kong

Stitching Worlds will be part of the exhibition Contemporary Code at the City University of Hong Kong showing work in progress from ongoing projects.

From the exhibition statement:

“In the 1960s, the term “visual research” was introduced into certain fields instead of the term “art”. The term “artistic research”, which has become increasingly relevant in recent decades, continues this development. Research characterizes an understanding that is gaining more and more validity in art while having an innovative impact.
In the exhibition “CONTEMPORARY CODE – ARTISTIC RESEARCH”, artistic research is being internationally positioned as part of the new academic guiding model of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Five years ago, President Gerald Bast co-initiated the PEEK Research Program in Austria, with the aim of promoting an interdisciplinary approach in the arts and sciences. Today, PEEK is one of Austria’s key contributions to the international developments in the field of artistic and research driven activities.”

An exhibition project by the University of Applied Arts Vienna
in cooperation with the School of Creative Media/ City University of Hong Kong.

Curated by Gerald Bast, Alexander Damianisch, Romana Schuler

Opening Reception:
Gerald Bast, President of University of Applied Arts
Arthur Ellis, Provost of City University of Hong Kong
Claudia Reinprecht, Consul General of the Republic Austria in Hong Kong and Macao
Jeffrey Shaw, Chair Professor, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

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