Critique: Ekmel Ertan

To enhance the understanding of our own practice within a larger field of contemporary mode of artistic production – between hybrid arts and critical design – we seek the exchange with and critique from external actors in similar and neighbouring fields. The board of critical questioners is formed of individuals from major institutes that host trans-disciplinary work. Their task is to contribute by posing critical questions that are expected to help locate the project in the current discourse. 

Ekmel Ertan works as artist, curator and educator. He is the founder and artistic director of Istanbul based amberPlatform (by BIS, Beden-İşlemsel Sanatlar Derneği / Body-Process Arts Association), a research and production platform on art and new technologies. Ertan is also the curator of the international “amber Art and Technology Festival” since 2007.


Critique meeting

Saturday, June 13 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

Discussion focused on Phase 2 “Macro-Electronics” of the project, especially on the in-progress work of “Crafted Logic”, the potentials of its outreach and the production with local populations and their inherent craft skills.

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