Workshop on 3D Fabrication and Smart Materials

The Shaping Materials/3D Printing experimentation explores different ways to shape materials, mostly with the help of computational routines. Experiments include soft and hard materials, 3D printing technologies and spinning technologies to generate non-woven textures, as well as the combination thereof. The goal is to search for new ways to create and shape smart materials and connections between diverse materials and functions.

The workshop is set as collaborative experiment with the machines and materials at hand. Participants are invited to bring their own interests, projects and materials to try out personal approaches on the machines available!

Materials and experiments present at the workshop:

  • ROBO 3D printer to print PLA materials, flexible and semi-transparent materials
  • Makerbot with Fostruder/syringes to print more liquid materials
  • Rotary Jet spinning equipment
  • UV curable silicones to, thermochromic and conductive pigments

Overview of suggested experiments:

  • printing additional tools for the textile craft process
  • printing connections between textile and hardware parts
  • printing on textile for aesthetic and functional needs (fix parts, diffuse lights though 3D printed capsule)
  • print resistive or conductive traces on fabric with paints and silicone
  • create smart materials with pigments and silicones
  • tbc according to the participants wishes…

The Workshop Setting

lucie_station_01 lucie_station_02 lucie_station_03 lucie_station_04

irene_station_01 irene_station_02 irene_station_03 irene_station_04

martin_station_01 martin_station_03 martin_station_02

Documentation from some of the experimentations

3D printed knittable connection 2014_07_31_3Dprinting_1_w 3D printed knittable connection 3D printed knittable connection 3D printed knittable connection 3D printed knittable connection 3D printed knit table connection - ATtiny 3D printed knittable connection3D printed knit table connection - ATtiny

(additional images can be found here)

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