Screen Printing Dynamic Surfaces and Electronic Parts

Experiments in the domain of screen printing with thermochromic colours and conductive/resistive materials

Thermochromic coloursThermochromic colour effects Liquid crystal effects


Printing with conductive materials,  experimenting with the specifications to print electronic components. [Experiment 1] printing with copper paint from LessEMF, measuring resistance over length and thickness of prints

printing copper paint printed copper paint printed copper paint

[Experiment 2] printing with electric paint from Bare Conductive for proximity / touch sensor circuits on paper

printed resistive paint (bare conductive)

[Experiment 3] double-sided print of electric paint from Bare Conductive, to test capacitor feasibility

printed resistive paint (bare conductive) double side print

[Experiment 4] double-sided application of copper paint from LessEMF, to test capacitor feasibility

2014_07_30_Screenprinting09_w 2014_07_30_Screenprinting10_w

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