Crochet Relays

This is an overview to an experimental investigation into using crochet as a method to create electronic switches, and eventually, logic gates.

– The very first test. Creating a crochet motif around a coil. Placing a strong magnet jewellery closure in the center as the moving object. Creating a circuit with conductive yarn to be closed by the moving conductive magnet.

2015_04_29_crochet switches_IMG_2163 2015_04_29_crochet switches_IMG_2164_w


– Experimentation with various types of magnets towards finding a solution for closing multiple switches with one magnet…

2015_04_29_crochet switches_2015-03-12 16.48.25_w 2015_04_29_crochet switches_2015-03-13 12.18.44_w 2015_04_29_crochet switches_2015-03-13 16.50.32_w

– Developing a granny square style motif that integrates the coil and two circuits that can be closed by one magnetic bead.

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00413_w

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00415_w

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00414_w

– Looking for possible ways to raise the conductive areas to a higher point and make them physically accessible to the conductive wing… The conductive areas are created on a separate crochet layer, attached to the main motif. These areas are then raised to a 3d form by the help of beads that are placed underneath.

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00419_w

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00421_w

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00420_w

– Form-finding experiments… Testing an octagon form. The conductive areas are spread in a diagonally symmetrical way. One non-conductive area is placed in-between two conductive areas.

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00436_w

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00437_w

– Another octagon. This time the two conductive areas that belong to the same circuit are placed immediately next to each other.

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00426_w

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00425_w

– Using an oval form bead instead of a spherical one. Making a rectangular motif with an elliptical center coil. Creating a potentially more reliable switch by improving the chances of physical contact between the three conductive areas.

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00452_w

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00451_w


2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00578_w

2015_04_29_crochet switches_DSC00577_w

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