Exhibition: MAK – EXEMPLARY, June 10 – September 16 2014, Vienna (AT)

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The e-textile Swatchbook will be exhibited at the upcoming exhibition of the Museum for Applied Art in Vienna there included our samples of a knitted capacitor and a knitted breadboard. From the exhibitions text: On the occasion of the MAK’s anniversary year, the exhibition EXEMPLARY: 150 Years of the MAK – From Arts and Crafts to Design invites you to an inspiring encounter with protagonists and exhibits from the long-standing history of the MAK, as well as with contemporary design pioneers. Who or what was exemplary in the past, and where can we find (role) models today? More information can be found here: EXEMPLARY – 150 years of the MAK from Arts and Crafts to Design

VORBILDER. 150 Jahre MAK: Vom Kunstgewerbe zum Design MAK-Ausstellungshalle Auswahl Gesche Joost © MAK/Katrin Wißkirchen

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